Central england Piates - Private Pilates Sessions Kenilworth, Bulkington, Coventry. Central england Piates - Private Pilates Sessions Kenilworth, Bulkington, Coventry

Private Sessions

private pilates classPerfect for anyone with specific needs,  with a restricted time frame, or limited ability. Sessions are built using the 8 Pilates principals and are equipment based to concentrate on each individual`s weaknesses and imbalances. Helping to restore a strong, functional body to cope with the demands of modern life thus improving each participants's lifestyle and well-being. Alongside, home movement plans and continued support, to help motivate and achieve each individual's goals.

Sessions include small equipment such as the isotoner, pilates hand weights and stability rollers and larger equipment such as the Reformer and Spine Corrector. Ideal for those with spinal compression, hypermobility or kyphotic or lordotic postures.

Your private session can be arranged in the convenience of your own home or a location near to you. Please contact Yvette for further details and availability.


"Having polio as a child and sceptical about PIlates and how useful it would be. I needn’t have been concerned. Yvette’s knowledge, experience and understanding, clear teaching methods and attention to detail coupled with her professional manner; have made each lesson worthwhile and pleasurable. I would not hesitate to recommend."
S White Solihull

"My physiotherapist recommended Pilates to me after being diagnosed with degeneration of the lower back. Since joining Central England Pilates I have been taught to develop and use core muscles. The results are that my back has become more flexible, stable and stronger.  Delighted!" MJ Kenilworth