Central England Pilates - class descriptions, explanations of the many types of pilates classes. Central England Pilates - class descriptions, explanations of the many types of pilates classes

Class Descriptions

pilates classAll classes are based upon the original 34 movements developed by Joseph Pilates. Classes provide low impact yet highly intense workouts, ideal for everyone, whatever age or ability or whether the individual is fit, sedentary or recuperating after illness or surgery. Furthermore, Pilates provides a safe and beneficial workout for expectant and new mothers.

Each session is designed to:

change the way you look
  • create lean muscles
  • increase strength, flexibility, coordination and proper body alignment
  • increase core strength
  • reduce fatigue and stress
  • reduce back and joint pain
  • rehabilitation
  • increase circulation
  • improve body mind integration
NEW Small group class.
This class has a maximum of eight particiants and is designed to be the next best thing to a private session without the expense. The program will be tailored to support the needs of the individual, with an additional home plan.

" Not actively exercising for a long, i wasn't sure i would cope.I am delighted with my progress and now feel confident that i understand the Pilates concept and now feel ready to join a larger more progressive class"  Ms L Heath Solihull.

Beginner-Improvers •
Ideal for those new to the Pilates technique. This programme you gain strength, stamina and flexibility safely, as you are guided through a series of beginner movements, modified and tailored to your own needs and ability.

"I have never been to an exercise class before, however I was made welcome by the teacher.. Who encouraged everyone to work at their own pace. The instructions and demonstrations were easy to follow and individual help was given when needed. I was surprised after a few classes that I actually enjoy it!" P Shoesmith Warwickshire

pilates class coventry• Progressive •
Ideal stepping stone from beginners building on moves that you have already learnt at a more intense level, as well as learning new moves. Incorporating small equipment such as the isotoner, the stability ball, roller and Pilates balance weights to help increase the intensity of the workout without it being over challenging for those still developing their skill base.

"I have been doing pilates for 10 years. Yvette is a excellent teacher whose classes are always structured well and include a wide variety of moves. Yvette is encouraging, supportive and adaptive throughtout each lesson.
Highly reccommend" Mrs J Johnson Solihull

• Intermediate-Advanced •
This class is designed for those already well versed in the Pilates technique. Both physically and mentally challenging, new movements are incorporated with combinations and higher intensity of known movements, alongside with the use of small equipment.

"I have attended Yvette Pilates clases for some time and find that her experience and knowledge coupled with the variety of equipment she provides, make her classes challenging but enjoyable and rewarding. Since attending I certainly have found a huge improve in my flexibility and core strength". Mr P Smith, Warwickshire