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Realigning the Centre of Gravity:


Gravity influences our entire universe and impacts upon our daily lives; in particular, our health and posture.


When our posture is properly aligned, gravity makes bones stronger, muscles healthier and our physiology function well. On the other hand, when the posture is out of alignment then wear and tear occurs, which causes pain and discomfort. The main result of this wear and tear is backache and degeneration of the spine, which has become a problem for so many of us.


The reason for this is that the lower back is the pivot point for movement. The weight of the upper body and head, via gravity, should pass down through the centre of the spine to its base. As we age, pressure and stress creates misalignment and the body is supported by the wrong muscles which in turn causes pain and wear and tear on the spine or other joints such as the shoulders, hips and knees.


The only solution for this problem, of course, is to realign the body`s centre of gravity.  Pilates is an innovated exercise program that facilitates correct postural re-alignment known as “neutral spine” that aims to aid recovery and restore optimal function throughout the body.


Over the next few weeks I will be discussing various forms of postural misalignment and how the Pilates techniques can help to correct posture and rebalance muscular strength and flexibility so that the body can function at it should,  freeing the body from pain restrictions.




pilates can help with lower back, giving strength where needed