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Why Pelvic Floor Health is essential 


What do you mean lift my pelvic floor? This is what we hear from some of my clients, but patiently I get them to understand, use and appreciate their pelvic floor muscles. As a Pilates teacher, I know how important the muscles of the pelvic floor are and why I emphasize them to my sessions.

The floor of the pelvis is made up of layers of muscle and ligaments stretching from side to side like a hammock and attached to your tail bone (coccyx) at the back and to the pubic bone in front.

Pelvic floor muscles can weakened due to being overweight, smoking ( results in the break down of collagen) surgery, straining to empty the bladder or bowel with or without constipation, constipation, persistent heavy lifting, chronic cough (from smoking, chronic bronchitis or asthma)  pregnancy, child birth, growing older, hormonal changes such as menopause and due to a lack of general fitness

Pelvic floor dysfunction can cause stool and urinary incontinence, prolapsed organs, flatulence, decreased sexual response, .prostate issues or back instability.

 Regular simple exercises done correctly are essential, to your core well-being.  Sadly I often come across clients that complain that performing regular pelvic exercises did not work, Unfortunately they were either given out of date exercises or did not have a full understanding of how to correctly contract the PF muscle.

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A slippery Challenge


Sliders are a tool used within a series of conditioning exercises that burn energy whilst avoiding strenuous impact on the body. Sliders are a well suited addition to the Pilates environment and provide an interesting variation to a traditional Pilates class both in a group and a one to one sessions.

Sliders are fabric discs that can be placed beneath the feet and hands and can be used to enhance standard Pilates movements. They do this by creating an additional challenge of resistance, balance and mobility to multiple planes. The introduction of new equipment such as this is an enjoyable change for participants as it gives a refreshing edge to an already rewarding method of exercise. Equally, for an instructor, it creates another way to explore movement and expand our current exercise repertoire.

Once participants have familiarised themselves with the feel of the gliders beneath their feet or hands it becomes apparent to them that core stability is a key focal point of this training. As with regular Pilates classes, our goal as teachers is to facilitate controlled movement and to ensure we not only have modifications ready for each exercise but also monitor the group and provide guidance if participants start to lose form.

We have almost reached the end of the first week of the term using Sliders and I'm impressed with how well everybody has taken to the new equipment and look forward to progressing the movements and challenging those comfort zones.

We'd love to hear your feedback on your Sliders experience!